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Moebius - La Ricerca del Tempo / à la Recherche du Temps / ISBN 9782908766196 / 176-page hardcover with 200+ illustrations, 10 x 12.5 inches 

"I consider [Moebius] more important than Doré."--Federico Fellini


"Moebius - Alla ricerca del tempo" at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) (July 10 to October 4, 2021) is the largest exhibition of Moebius art ever mounted in Italy. It celebrates the art of Moebius, but also his particular bond with Italy and Naples.

Moebius was so strongly inspired by the Neapolitan city that he once declared: "Whenever I work on one story about Naples there are no problems: everything runs smoothly. Naples has something that fascinates me, that always touches me in a special way."

Over 330 works are in display. The Major, Arzak, the World of Edena, the Fauna of Mars and Inside Moebius, but also Greek Myths, Time and Matter, Casanova, Celtic Venice, Dante's Paradise...

This hardcover exhibition catalog includes works from the exhibition as well as additional drawings, and essays on the themes of time and archeology.

The text is in Italian and French.

There is a lot of artwork in this Italian catalogue that is not in the Max Ernst catalogue--or the earlier Cartier Fondation catalogue. If you don't have the Italian catalogs Moebius: Visioni di Fine Millennio (1997) or Infinito (1998), then there are even more works in this catalogue that you will have never seen before.

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