Music Posters from Pre-Revolution Iran, 1960s-70s

Javad Mirhosseini (ed.)


Music Posters from Pre-Revolution Iran, 1960s-70s, edited by Javad Mirhosseini / ISBN 9786001522994 / A 182-page hardcover art book, about 8.75 x 11.25 inches, from Nazar Publishing (Iran), in Persian and English /

A cool book, limited stock. [Note: you cannot use Paypal to buy this -- Paypal blocks it]


In 1960s Iran, modern posters announcing cultural events had already replaced simple advertisements that were produced by printing shops. Following the cultural boom of that period in Iran, the 1970s witnessed the heyday of cultural posters. A great number of the posters from these decades were dedicated to performances of Iranian traditional and western classical and modern music, opera, ballet, and dance.

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