New! Kekyar Company History - Imiri Sakabashira

Seirin Kogeisha


"New! Kekyar Company History" by Imiri Sakabashira / a 400-page paperback with jacket published in 2023 by Seirin Kogeisha (publisher of Ax) / apparently this is a complete redrawing of a hard-to-find 1999 book titled "Kekyar Company History" / a lot of it is wordless or almost wordless


"A company president goes bankrupt and flees to India, and a female employee follows him. An unplanned journey to India with no idea how to get there takes a strange turn... A huge spectacle of 400 pages."

Born in 1964, Imiri Sakabashira is part of the Japanese underground generation centering around publications like Garo and AX. His work has been exhibited in the Trancepop Gallery in Kyoto and the Billiken Gallery in Tokyo.

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