Night of the Living Cat Vol. 2 - Hawkman and Mecha-Roots

Seven Seas


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Night of the Living Cat Vol. 2 by Hawkman and Mecha-Roots / ISBN 9781638587545 / A 168-page paperback published by Seven Seas


A new horror/comedy about adorable threats in a post-apocalyptic world!

The city is overrun by adorable fluffy disease vectors that used to be human…and they want cuddles! Now, with Tsutsumi’s allergies as a cat detector, Kunagi is striving to keep his small band of survivors from going feline. But when a peculiar white kitty with a large jewel produces an earsplitting screech, all the cats in the city converge on their location! When their cat energy merges into a massive mystical cat beast, will Kunagi be able to draw it away?

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