No One Will Come Back for Us - Premee Mohamed

Undertow Publications


No One Will Come Back for Us by Premee Mohamed / ISBN 9781988964423 / 290-page paperback published in 2023 by Undertow Publications (CA)


Here there be gods and monsters - forged from flesh and stone and vengeance - emerging from the icy abyss of deep space, ascending from dark oceans, and prowling strange cities to enter worlds of chaos and wonder, where scientific rigor and human endeavour is tested to the limits. These are cosmic realms and watery domains where old offerings no longer appease the ancient Gods or the new and hungry idols. Deities and beasts. Life and death. Love and hate. Science and magic. And smiling monsters in human skin.

Premee Mohamed's debut collection of contemporary cosmic horror and dark fantasy heralds the arrival of a new and vibrant voice on the cutting edge of modern speculative fiction.

“Dark, strange, and wonderfully wild ... by turns brutal and tender, terrifying and sweet … Mohamed accomplishes the rare feat of maintaining a sense of human connection no matter how outlandish the stories’ premises. The result will both terrify and delight.” — Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Premee Mohamed is a top-notch fantasist with a dark streak of unease bubbling through her fiction.” — Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Author of Mexican Gothic

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