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Nothing at All by Wanda Gág / ISBN 9780816644186 / 32-page hardcover, 9.5 X 6.5 inches, from University of Minnesota Press (original edition was a Caldecott Honor Book, 1942)


“Nothing at All” is the name of an orphaned puppy living with his two brothers until two children come to adopt them. Unfortunately, Nothing at All gets inadvertently left behind—not out of cruelty, but because he is invisible!

He is horribly lonely until he meets a bird, a Jackdaw, who says that he knows how to make the puppy visible. Nothing at All doesn’t think much of the bird at first, but follows the instructions anyway, and after a little time, hard work, and a lot of dizziness, the puppy becomes visible and is adopted along with his brothers.

"Gág was among the first to create what we now call an artist-concept book—written, designed, and illustrated by one person. Her stories always have a funny twist that appeals to children. Her simplicity appeals in this complex world."--St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Her body of children’s books is not large, but each title is a treasure, done in her instantly recognizable style."--Horn Book Magazine

Best known for her Newbery Honor winner Millions of Cats, Wanda Gág (1893–1946) was a pioneer in children’s book writing, integrating text and illustration. Born in New Ulm, Minnesota, she rose to international acclaim. In recognition of her artistry, she was posthumously awarded the 1958 Lewis Carroll Shelf Award for Millions of Cats and the 1977 Kerlan Award for her body of work.

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