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Occult Eye - Book of Books compiled by Bibliomancers / published by Bibliomancers and Skylight Books/ 108-page paperback, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, first printing, 2024 

Available mid-July 2024


Bibliomancers latest exploration into the world of the occult brings you Occult Eye! Our fifth takes a closer look at the world of the occult sciences, ESP, parapsychology, spiritualism , iconography of new religious movement, pagan fashion trends and with a special examination of the graphics and design elements from 1970s gnostic newspapers, this book has it all! We continue our survey of 1970s and 80s occult mass market paperbacks only we are also intruding 1970 RARE magazine and newspapers! Some of them have never been archived as far as we can tell!

Incredible cover art by the brilliant Jordan Crane reminiscent of the 1930s new religious movements esoteric pamphlets.

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