Picnoleptic Inertia - Stathis Tsemberlidis

Breakdown Press


Picnoleptic Inertia by Stathis Tsemberlidis / ISBN 9780957438118 / 110-page paperback, about 7.5 x 10.5 inches, from Breakdown Press (UK) [now sold out at source]


Bringing together the very best of his short works produced over the last five years for Decadence Comics, the influential publishing collective he co-founded with the artist Lando.

Combining Cronenbergian metamorphosis, Lovecraftian fungi and radical politics, Tsemberlidis's silent world is one of transformative mysticism and violent revolution. His frenetic, staccato pen line beautifully describes a destructive present unfolding amid the ruins of the past.

Picnoleptic Inertia was printed by offset lithography at DeckersSnoeck in Belgium.

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