Printable - Printing Techniques and Effects in Visual Design



PRINTABLE: Printing Techniques and Effects in Visual Design, published in 2023 by Victionary / ISBN 9789887462965 / 264-page paperback, 7.3 x 9.8 inches, deluxe production


In an increasingly digital world, the art of printing has become more precious than ever. Although screens continue to take over society and sustainable practices have improved the preservation of natural resources, many designers still thrive on delivering tactile experiences, experimenting with new techniques or being inventive with conventional materials to bring their ideas to life in meaningful and visually impactful ways.

PRINTABLE is a stunning showcase of familiar and innovative methods that elevate printed matter for branding and beyond. Featuring printing experts, printmakers, and creative projects from around the world, it celebrates craftsmanship and serves to inspire those looking to add more character and dimension to their work.

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