Quadra Minerale - Rosell Meseguer

Rosell Meseguer


Quadra Minerale by Rosell Meseguer / ISBN 9788492772766 / 416-page hardcover, 6.5 x 9.25 inches, illustrated throughout / text in Spanish/English / (an artist's book recommended especially for fans of the Parallel Encyclopedia & Hives) / signed and numbered by the artist (edition of 250) on a glassine envelope pasted to the inside back cover


In the compendium ‘Quadra Minerale’, science and art intersect through Rosell Meseguer’s attentive and reflective gaze. Appropriating the dictionary format, she offers a simplified reading of some of the elements of the periodic table and their derivatives. The volume thus takes the concept of traditional treatises as a way of learning to look at the practical applications of these substances. Technology, geology, biology, politics, economics, and art come together, drawing new associations that find commonality in everyday life. Deeply linked to the history and practice of “mineral colonialism”, it seeks to expand geopolitical readings on the subject and the problems derived from it.

About Rosell Meseguer: Visual artist and PhD in Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where she is currently a Masters and Undergraduate Professor. Since 2005 she has developed her professional career between Europe and Latin America through partnerships with museums, art galleries and universities. She has been awarded several grants by the Academy of Spain in Rome, the Botin Foundation, the Miró Mallorca Foundation.

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