Roven issue 15 - Drawing and Sound



Roven #15 – the Drawing & Sound Issue / ISBN 9782918450368 / 8.25 x 10.25 inch paperback with flaps, 128 pages / text is in French but it is illustrated throughout.


Featuring: from drawing to sound and vice versa (Tracer l'inarticulé by Marie Cantos, Le sténographe et la mécanographe by Damien Simon, interview with Félicia Atkinson, Hendrik Hegray and Rainier Lericolais by Guillaume Constantin, Max Neuhaus' practice of drawing by Matthieu Saladin, « C'est ce qui arrive quand on ne s'exerce pas à la maison », ou l'épanouissement d'une musique rarement entendue by Maike Aden, interview with Benjamin L. Aman by Julie Ramos); portfolios (Clarissa Baumann, Lars Fredrikson, Alex Chevallier, Daphné Oram, Dick Higgins, Sandrine Morgante, Bernard Pourrière, Collectif Void, Linda Karshan, Atsunobu Kohira, Alice Anderson, Morgan Patimo, Sara Wallgren, Felix Pinquier); artistic contributions (Farah Khelil, Élie Godard, Benjamin L. Aman).

Roven is a critical magazine devoted to contemporary drawing, structured around numerous monographic and thematical texts, a portfolio by one emerging artist, some interviews, and a creative section of unpublished works.

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