Saint Ghetto of the Loans - Poems by Gabriel Pomerand

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Saint Ghetto of the Loans: Grimoire / Poems by Gabriel Pomerand, translated from French by Michael Kasper & Bhamati Viswanathan / ISBN 9781954218130 / 144-page paperback published in 2023 by World Poetry Books


"Reading this book rekindles the radical mid-century: exciting, unintelligible and essential."- Publishers Weekly

One of the most influential, if rarely seen, visual poetry books of the post-war avant-garde, Pomerand’s Lettrist masterwork elaborates a psychogeographic story of the bohemian Parisian neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés through punning prose-poems and dazzling, rebus-like “metagraphics” on facing pages.

"Every twentieth-century art movement has certain works that acquire mythic status by their combination of idiosyncratic oddity and rarity. This fascinating work—playing with meaning and image, vision and reading, familiar reference and invented language—has mainly been known through reproduction of a handful of its pages and this exciting republication will finally bring attention to this amazing piece of graphic experimental writing."- Johanna Drucker

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