Shell Collection - Ron Regé Jr



Shell Collection by Ron Regé Jr / ISBN 9781683969747 / 176-page paperback, 9.4 × 11.1 inches, published in 2024 by Fantagraphics Underground


A compendium of comics and drawings from the first 75 issues of Ron Regé, Jr.'s minicomics series, The Shell of the Self of the Senses.

In 2016, Regé began this monthly, subscription only series in an effort to return to his 1990s self-publishing roots, with 100 copies or so published from month to month. This is the first time any of this work has been collected, with newly added color: Shell Collection brilliantly showcases Regé's poetic voice, his deeply humane worldview, and his sui generis visual vocabulary ― all of which has made him one of the most distinctive stylists in comics. Full-color illustrations throughout

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