Spores - Magical Mushroom Photography Book

Broccoli Mag

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Spores - Magical Mushroom Photography Book, from the editors of Broccoli Mag (Anja Charbonneau, editor-in-chief) / 208-page hardback, 8 x 9.75 inches, embossed lettering on the cover and some die-cut pages (making it a nice gift book)


To see a mushroom is a kind of magic. It is embodied evidence of total serendipity, a beguiling conjunction of time and place, weather and circumstance. It is also evidence of the unseen, thriving life that surrounds us. In this 208-page photographic foray, more than 90 artists capture mushrooms in settings both natural and supernatural—growing on the forest floor, popping up in our homes, gleaming in a fluorescent glow, and arranged like alien flowers. Each image invites readers to look closely, revealing new dimensions of the mushroom’s magic.

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