Still Missing - Animal Posters art book - Gio Castranova



Still Missing - Animal Posters art book by Gio Castranova, edited by Simon Ore / 9.25 x 12.25 inch hardcover / out-of-print book but still some copies available here


Still Missing is a beautifully designed art book exploring the folk art of lost & found pet posters. Featuring nearly 200 pages of high quality full-color images and illustrations.

Still Missing is a curatorial voyage through the world of lost and found pet posters that combines graphic and visual arts, illustration, and photography in a poetic and cohesive collage of raw emotion. Art connoisseurs and casual observers of all backgrounds, interests, and ages will find their own deep resonance within its pages.

A collection of art by everyone, for everyone, this book truly speaks worlds about the human condition. It’s strange, it's weird, it's funny, it's beautiful, it's creative and's also sad. From toucans to tortoises, roosters to ferrets and dragons to unicorns, it will always keep you guessing with what’s coming next. 

What is the largest reward for a cat? What is the smallest reward for a turtle? What's the strangest pet name? What's the most unique poster material? What's the biggest or the smallest poster I've ever found? It's all in the details... Still Missing will answer all of these questions, while provoking even more.

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