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Takabata Sei art book (title is something like "Youth Drawn with a Brush" / 167-page hardcover from 1979, text is in Japanese, illustrated in color and b/w / 1970s paintings by this completely-forgotten artist (Google also offers Takahata Masaru as a possible translation of his name)

Used copies in Good condition.


What I wrote in 2010 when I featured this book on A Journey Round My Skull / 50 Watts: "I know nothing about Takabata Sei (高畑正), except that he was one of the first students of Yukihiko Tajima at Osaka Art University. Before I asked Colin Peters for translation help, I was under the impression that this book—a posthumous collection of Takabata's work—contained Tajima's own work, and purchased it for that reason. (And so for a while I thought someone who made such intense paintings actually went on to be a famous illustrator of children's books.)"

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