The Cage - Martin Vaughn-James

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The Cage by Martin Vaughn-James / ISBN 9781552452875 / paperback from Coach House Books (Canada)


"I don't use the word 'masterpiece' lightly. I think The Cage is a masterpiece of comic art."-- Seth

"Vaughn-James remains a significant figure in comics history because his work was singular, literate, experimental, and often unsurpassably good."-- The Walrus

"It is a masterpiece, demonstrating a level of skill and insight very few have even aspired to in the nearly 40 years since its initial publication … this work is strongly recommended for every true fan of the graphic arts."--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

First published in 1975, The Cage was a graphic novel before there was a name for the genre. Considered an early masterpiece of the genre, the Canadian cult comic has been out of print for decades . . . The Cage spurns narrative for atmosphere, guiding us through a series of disarrayed rooms and desolate landscapes, tracking a stuttering and circling time and a sequence of objects: headphones, inky stains, bedsheets. It's not about where we're going but how – if – we get there.

This new edition, which includes an introduction by comics master Seth, brings Martin Vaughn-James's nightmarish vision to a new generation of readers.

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