The Karman Line - Mitsuhashi Kotaro

Glacier Bay Books


The Karman Line by Mitsuhashi Kotaro, published by Glacier Bay Books / ISBN 9781953629128 / 144-page paperback, 5.75 × 8.25 inches, printed in blue ink


Collects the authors’ various short stories from new indie manga anthology Suika Toko no Tane. Introducing seven works with a unique, dreamy style.

Kotaro’s works pulse with a vibrant curiosity and subtle beauty. The figures in these stories exist in a place that is simultaneously unearthly and deeply known. Toeing up to, circumscribing, and traversing the wavering boundaries at the edge of imagination, these comics are a both a visual revelry and simultaneously a respectful, even somber, introspection into what it means to be human.

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