The Mushroom (Issue One)

Mycology Press


The Mushroom, Issue One, published by Mycology Press in the UK / 56-page paperback-bound magazine, about 7 x 9.25 inches, illustrated throughout


The Mushroom is a biannual print magazine for everyone - artists to herbalists, ecologists to engineers - interested in or inspired by fungi.

Featuring - Interviews with Chido Govera and Roger Phillips - Research on treating recurrent miscarriage with mushrooms with Dr Trevor Wing - Attila Fodi investigates whether mushrooms are affected by the moon - A look at the popularity of mushroom accounts on social media with Sukayna Powell - Photography from the 2020 Transylvania Mushroom Festival by Judit Koszegine Toth - An essay on reishi by Martin Powell - and our biannual Research Round Up.

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