The Weird Tales of William Hope Hodgson

British Library Tales of the Weird


The Weird Tales of William Hope Hodgson, edited by Xavier Aldana Reyes / From the British Library's "Tales of the Weird" series / ISBN 9780712352338 / 236-page paperback


The splash from something enormous resounds through the sea-fog. In the stillness of a dark room, some unspeakable evil is making its approach. . . Abandon the safety of the familiar with 10 nerve-wracking episodes of horror penned by master of atmosphere and suspense, William Hope Hodgson. From encounters with abominations at sea to fireside tales of otherworldly forces recounted by occult detective Carnacki, this new selection offers the most unsettling of Hodgson's weird stories, guaranteed to terrorize the steeliest of constitutions.

William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918) was a key figure in British weird fiction, renowned for tales of horror and adventure at sea as well as his post-apocalyptic fantasy novel The Night Land. Following his death near Ypres during World War I, his stories continued to be published posthumously throughout the 20th century. Xavier Aldana Reyes is the editor of Horror: A Literary History.

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