The Yellow Conjurer - Bruno Munari

Corraini Editions


The Yellow Conjurer by Bruno Munari / ISBN 9788875700478 / English-language edition published by Corraini Editions in Italy / 10 pages/inserts of various dimensions, 9.6 x 12.5 inch stapled paperback

I'm trying to keep in stock a variety of picture books (or picture-book-like objects) by Bruno Munari, though they are often between printings.


Where did the colorful balls disappeared? And the rabbit? And the three of Hearts?

Together with other eight albums, The Yellow Conjurer is part of the historic 1945 series created by Munari. He devised these lively books/"albums" for children using large pictures, pages and inserts of different sizes, and varying holes to arouse the curiosity of the observer and let the reader literally hang at each page.

Bruno Munari (1907–1998) was an Italian artist and designer who contributed in many fields of both visual (paint, sculpture, film, industrial design, graphics) and non-visual arts (literature, poetry).

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