Tonis Vint and his Aesthetic Universe

Kumu Art Museum


Tõnis Vint and his Aesthetic Universe, edited by Elnara Taidre / ISBN 9789949485093 / 352-page hardcover book (text in Estonian and English), 7 x 9.75 inches, with tons of illustrations / Published by the Kumu Art Museum


Jenna Sutela writing in Frieze: "When introducing the Estonian artist Tõnis Vint’s work, one could talk about his abstract geometry and sensual female characters; his background as a designer of stamps, record covers and theatre sets; or how he opened windows to both West and East within the Tallinn art scene of the 1960s, even in the closed society of the Soviet era. But his work remains little known. In fact, this retrospective at the Kumu Art Museum and its accompanying publication constituted the first thorough survey of Vint’s oeuvre. In addition to presenting a variety of his graphic art works – which fall somewhere between calligraphic exercises and scientific illustrations, realism and abstractionism – the exhibition’s related commentary opened up Vint’s charismatic personality and his influence on the surrounding environment."

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