Transcendent Luxury - German Art Deco Poster Masterpieces 1912-1927

Century Guild


Transcendent Luxury: German Art Deco Poster Masterpieces 1912-1927 / with text by Thomas Negovan / ISBN 9780990949558 / 92-page paperback, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, color printing, published by Century Guild


During and immediately following the First World War, advertisers in Germany presented romantic elegance in a manner that bridged the sinuous lines of Art Nouveau and the hard lines of the Art Deco period to achieve a unique style that would inform the rest of the century as a pinnacle of graphic design. Transcendent Luxury presents a collection of gorgeous, beautiful, high-resolution images of posters from the Century Guild Museum of Art archives. Full-color images captured from the original artworks, alongside historical commentary from historian and museum director Thomas Negovan, give insight to the opulent aesthetics of the era.

While the internet is a magnificent repository of data, at Century Guild we still love curling up with books! And many–if not most–of the images presented here are not available on the internet at all. Each image was captured from the original artwork, professionally photographed and meticulously color corrected, and printed for you to enjoy at the highest resolution possible.

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