Vapor (discounted) - Max


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Vapor by Max / ISBN 9781606994603 / 112-page hardback, 7.3 x 10 inches, from Fantagraphics / discounted copies but in nice condition, some dirt and shelfwear to covers, insides perfect

Dedicated to Herbert Crowley's The Wiggle Much, who makes an appearance on page 90


“Either a loving homage to early 20th Century newspaper strips or a twisted take on them (perhaps both), ...[Vapor] is really strange, mixing philosophy with low-brow jokes, running gags, and style changes that reflect the quality and versatility of the artist. ... Vapor is the kind of book you might want to seek out if you like to be baffled and challenged.” — Rob McMonigal - Panel Patter

In this Spanish graphic novel, Nick flees the city into the desert, where he witness the procession of a queen.

Disgusted and appalled with today’s noisy and noisome world in which all is spectacle and surface sensation, Nick flees into the solitude of the desert. But even as he manages to recover some sort of spiritual balance thanks to an ascetic regimen of fasting and meditation, he is seduced by the most spectacular and mesmerizing spectacle of all time: the procession of the Queen of Saba. In Vapor, the award-winning Spanish cartoonist Max engages in delightful philosophical mind games, starring another wildly stylized and endearing protagonist — this time deploying a striking, crisp black-and-white graphic style perfectly suited for this desert-based fantasia.

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