Visual Resonance - Mitsuo Katsui

Mitsumura Book Publishing


Visual Resonance by Mitsuo Katsui / ISBN 9784813801092 / A 288-page paperback, about 9 x 12 inches, from Mitsumura Book Publishing / the text is in Japanese, but it is a fully-illustrated art book

An incredibly nice book on a designer I've featured on my sites over the years. 


Mitsuo Katsui (born 1931) is a designer who has made great achievements in the history of postwar Japanese design up to the present day, and is still active in the challenges of a new visual world.

His main area of ​​expertise is two-dimensional graphics such as posters, but he has been involved in a wide range of art direction, including editorial, CI, signs, displays, and spatial composition, and has pursued diverse expressions without being bound by that framework.

From early on, he was interested in the development of computer graphics and advanced printing technology, and at the same time, he worked hard to teach the next generation at an art university while practically constructing a design theory related to "color and vision"...

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