Weird Woods - Tales from the Haunted Forests of Britain

British Library Tales of the Weird


Weird Woods: Tales from the Haunted Forests of Britain, edited by John Miller / From the British Library's "Tales of the Weird" series / ISBN 9780712353427 / 235-page paperback 


Woods play a crucial and recurring role in horror, fantasy, the gothic and the weird. They are places in which strange things happen, where it is easy to lose your way. Supernatural creatures thrive in the thickets. Trees reach into underworlds of pagan myth and magic. Forests are full of ghosts.

Lining the path through this realm of folklore and fear are twelve stories from across Britain, telling tales of whispering voices and maddening sights from deep in the Yorkshire Dales to the ancient hills of Gwent and the eerie quiet of the forests of Dartmoor. Immerse yourself in this collection of classic tales celebrating the enduring power of our natural spaces to enthral and terrorise our senses.

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