Whispered Words - David Enos



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Whispered Words by David Enos, 28-page comic, in color throughout / an Instagram find for me and I love it


"Whispered Words tells the story of a lonely young woman with a secret who spends her days reading romance novels and her nights listening to the whispered mutterings that float up to her window from the street below, until she meets the members of a rock and roll band rehearsing next door and finds herself falling in love with the mysterious guitar player. In his first new book in six years, since the release of his critically acclaimed underground debut, Bat-Man Is Lost In A Woods, David Enos explores a similarly dreamlike terrain of mournful alienation and desperate longing in his meticulously hand-drawn panels on yellowing scraps of paper, but somehow renders his vision even more dizzyingly colorful and disturbingly weirder."

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