Wild Cards

Zoe Laureen Palmer and Sophy Hollington


Wild Cards by Zoë Laureen Palmer and Sophy Hollington, 36 cards featuring 4 different designs, in a box / from Canopy & Stars (I imported some of these mostly because I love Sophy Hollington's illustration style!)


Wild Cards invite you to tune into your senses and explore your instinctive relationship with the wider, wilder world — wherever you are.

Inside, you’ll find ancient lore, simple rituals and deep intentions. The cards are a tool for self discovery, turn one over every day, once a week, or whenever the mood takes you.

Wild Cards have been developed by Canopy & Stars, with guidance and foreword from Human Ecologist Zoë Laureen Palmer, and illustration by Sophy Hollington.

Any profits from the sale of these cards will support projects improving access to nature. Printed on sustainably sourced material, in a factory powered by renewable energy, using a 100% waterless process and sending 0% waste to landfill. 100% recyclable.

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