Writing! - Murray McCain and John Alcorn

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Writing! by Murray McCain and John Alcorn / ISBN 9781623260750 / A 48-page hardcover reprint of a 1964 classic, published by AMMO Books


Just as vibrant and stunning as its companion title Books! this vintage title by Murray McCain and illustrated by John Alcorn will dazzle and delight in AMMO’s updated, reissue edition.

Following the release of BOOKS! in 1962, WRITING! was published in 1964, and like its predecessor, it features charming, hand-drawn illustrations and inventive typography. Celebrating the beauty of the written word, WRITING! echoes the sentiments of BOOKS! in its exploration of language, letters, and lovely, lilting literature. Alcorn’s vivid graphics and impressive illustrations illuminate McCain’s humorous and imaginative storytelling.

Children are sure to find inspiration to create their own fantastical tales or wordy doodles, as they pore over each page of mid-century design in this new, large format.

This is a book about Writing: about alphabets and words, and how they came to be, and all the wonderful things you can do with them. Look through its pages and see for yourself why this book is for you!

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