Zboing Zboing - Paul Descamps

Editions Matiere


Zboing Zboing by Paul Descamps, published by Éditions Matière / ISBN 9782916383699 / a 93-page paperback, 6.75 x 9.5 inches, color offset (4 spot colors) 


Google Translation of the descriptive copy: "With Zboing Zboing, Paul Descamps unrolls a dream musical. His sensual, disheveled, charismatic, always dashing characters engage in long psychedelic jousts flavored with courtly, funky, electric love. A poisonous and sexy West Side story drenched in manga and glam rock, Zboing zboing is a comic strip mounted on springs and platform shoes , a visual flow saturated with splashes, colors, movements and sounds, a rabble-rousing cavalcade a bit cracra, frankly kawaii, shaken with rhymes and banter."

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