Zuntig (light wear) - Tom La Farge

Green Integer


Zuntig by Tom La Farge / ISBN 9781931243063 / small 338-page paperback from Green Integer / first edition copies from 2000, light scuffing / In 2022, the Tom La Farge Award was created 


Tom La Farge's novel explores the terrain of his acclaimed The Crimson Bears and A Hundred Doors. He tells the story of a tribe of matriarchal apes that inhabit the Swamp at the mouth of the river Flood. The childless matriarch has a niece Zuntig, who aspires to succeed her but is overreached. About to be drowned with a bag of bones about her neck, Zuntig is transformed, time and again, encountering different selves and worlds, from the Biljub desert, the snow tunnels of Hyver, and the arctic ocean, to the Pig Opera of Bargeton. A wonderful fantasy in the manner of J. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings cycle.

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