1979 Yearbook Part 1 - Pictorial Message - Illustration

Japanese Publication


1979 Yearbook Part 1 - Pictorial Message - Illustration / 156-page hardback, 10 x 10 inches / text is in Japanese with names in English / cover by Harumi Yamaguchi (she has a page inside as well).

Used copy in Good condition (some overall shelf wear; insides are mostly bright with some foxing).

Perhaps mainly of interest for the cavalcade of airbrush art, but I also like how it mixes graphic designers, illustrators (both airbrush and traditional), picture book illustrators, and some comics legends: among others, Seiichi Hayashi, Toshio Saeki, Pater Sato, U. G. Sato, Rokuro Taniuchi, Harumi Yamaguchi, Yoji Kuri, Tadami Yamada, Shigeo Fukuda, Aquirax Uno...

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