47 Years of the Bungeishunju Manga Award



47 Years of the Bungeishunju Manga Award / 470-page hardback from 2002, 6 x 8.5 inches, text in Japanese / I think I found this book because the first award was given to Rokuro Taniuchi in 1955 (it features a few spreads of his work). The unassuming cover hides a wealth of oddball images. Used copies in Very Good condition.


From wikipedia: "The Bungeishunjū Manga Award (文藝春秋漫画賞, Bungeishunjū Manga Shō) was an annual award established in 1955 and given out by Bungeishunjū in Japan for gag, yonkoma, one-panel, and satirical manga. The award was also given out for works considered the magnum opus of manga creators. Past winners...include Jōji Yamafuji, Makoto Wada, illustrations by Taku Furukawa, a picture book by Shinto Chō, and parodies by Mad Amano. While the award was given out for illustration, picture books, parodies, and other similar works, the proliferation of the modern manga culture led to more manga artists receiving the awards in recent years. Bungeishunjū stopped giving out the award in 2002."

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