A Bestiary of the Anthropocene - Nicolas Nova

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A Bestiary of the Anthropocene: Hybrid Plants, Animals, Minerals, Fungi, and Other Specimens by Nicolas Nova and Disnovation.org / ISBN 9789493148444 / 256-page paperback, 5.75 x 8.25 inches, printed in silver ink on black paper


A field guide to our new world of hybrid specimens

A Bestiary of the Anthropocene is an illustrated compilation of hybrid creatures of our time, equally inspired by medieval bestiaries and observations of our damaged planet. Designed as a field handbook, it aims at helping us observe, navigate, and orientate into the increasingly artificial fabric of the world. Plastiglomerates, surveillance robot dogs, fordite, artificial grass, antenna trees, Sars-Covid-2, decapitated mountains, drone-fighting eagles, standardised bananas… each of these specimens are symptomatic of the rapidly transforming “post-natural” era we live in. Often without us even noticing them, these creatures exponentially spread and co-exist with us.

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