A Compilation of Contemporary Letter Designs - Katsumi Tsuji



A Compilation of Contemporary Letter Designs by Katsumi Tsuji / ISBN 9784861524677 / a small 340-page paperback with jacket, 4 x 6 inches, reprinting a 1934 book /  published by Seigensha (in the format of their Dictionary of Color Combinations)


The letter designs in this collection by Katsumi Tsuji, a graphic designer who was active in the Taisho and Showa periods, appear fresh and new in any age they are seen. Each of the letters in this compilation was hand-drawn. These letter designs, also called lettering, differ from the fonts that are stored as existing data in computers. All of the letter designs, newly created by the graphic designer to match the words and phrases expressed or the particular medium employed, were originally published in 1934 in 'A Collection of Contemporary Letter Designs'.

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