A Victorian Childhood - Annabel Huth Jackson

Solar Press


A Victorian Childhood by Annabel Huth Jackson / ISBN 9781739353254 / 111-page paperback published by Solar Press in the UK


First published in 1932, Annabel Huth Jackson's first person account of growing up in Victorian England is a sharp, witty, and opinionated look back on her youth, first in Colonial India and later back home in England.

Fearlessly critical yet effortlessly compassionate, Annabel Huth Jackson casts her eye over everything from education and family life, to Victorian social morality and the arts.

Taking special interest in her memories of the people around her, she reevaluates intense friendships, formative mentorships, familial relationships, and lost loves with a confessional self-awareness that still feels startlingly honest even a century on.

Previously only available in expensive academic volumes, Solar Press are proud to present a new edition of this intelligent, funny, and deeply felt work.

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