A Voyage to Arcturus - David Lindsay

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A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay / ISBN 9780241441589 / paperback from Penguin Classics


Following one man's journey from earth to an alien landscape of ethereal beauty and existential terror, A Voyage to Arcturus is a profound questioning of the nature of evil. Dreamlike and philosophical, this landmark cult novel has influenced generations of writers.

"The book I think is most underrated: David Lindsey, A Voyage To Arcturus... Extraordinary." -- Philip Pullman

"That shattering, intolerable and irresistible work" -- C. S. Lewis

"Lindsay's engrossing book, a mixture of metaphysics and surreal dream-quest, stands as one of the great originals" -- Guardian

David Lindsay (1876-1945) was a Scottish novelist. His initial career, as an insurance clerk in London, was interrupted by his service in World War One. After the war, Lindsay moved to Cornwall to pursue writing. His first novel, A Voyage to Arcturus, sold poorly but over time became a cult favourite and had a profound influence on generations of writers and critics, including C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Harold Bloom, and Philip Pullman. It is now considered a masterpiece of metaphysical science-fiction, and David Lindsay a pioneer of the form.

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