A2Z - Alphabets and Signs

Princeton Architectural Press

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A2Z+: Alphabets and Signs, edited by Julian Rothenstein / ISBN 9781616897079 / 314-page paperback, 8.25 x 11.5 inches, published by Princeton Architectural Press / overstock copies but like new.


"Both breathless and unpredictable, (A2Z+) is an exemplary moodboard for the restless creative."--The World of Interiors

This is a book like no other: a rich archive of rare and beautiful lettering and printed graphics from obscure sources and private collections. The material might be modernist or antique, avant-garde or classic, western or Asian, and is chosen to surprise and enchant.

Revised and dramatically expanded with over 100 new pages, Julian Rothenstein’s classic compendium, A2Z+, remains the ultimate source for fonts not found anywhere else. It is a uniquely unconventional collection of fascinating visual material, including an astonishing array of alphabets, emblems, letters and signs (elegant eye charts for the optician’s patient, letters and signs for technical manuals, fine typographies for beautiful books, a magisterial Constructivist alphabetic ballet, and so on).

Collected from books, advertisements, packaging, posters, and technical manuals from around the world, this off-beat collection is an indispensable source of ideas and inspiration for artists, poets, designers and other professionals in visual culture.

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