Au Soleil (Editions du Livre)

Fanette Mellie


Au Soleil by Fanette Mellie / ISBN 9791090475243 / published by Editions du Livre, who specialize in "artist books for children" / 26 pages, 8.5 x 8.25 inches, 6-color Pantone printing / Metallic gold foil softcover

This publisher makes gorgeous books and I love having them available at 50 Watts Books.


Au Soleil transcribes a daily solar cycle in 6 colors. Fanette Mellier proposes to assess the radiation of light as color expansion: from morning blue to sunset purple, sun halos permeate the atmosphere with incandescent colors.

About the publisher: "Éditions du livre is an independent publishing house that brings out artist books for children. The poetics inherent to the manipulation of the book as an object resonates with its content. The shape of the book is its substance."

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