Auspicious Animals - The Art of Good Omens

PIE International


Auspicious Animals: The Art of Good Omens by Jun'ichi Uchiyama / ISBN 9784756254290 / 352-page paperback published by PIE International (Japan)


The world of mythical creatures born from human imagination is presented in this beautiful collection of artworks that symbolize good luck.

Many imaginary animals that are believed to be auspicious symbols of good fortune originated in ancient China. The most famous examples are the “Big Four”: the Winged Dragon, the Chinese Phoenix, Qilin (a hooved chimeric creature) and the Spirit Turtle. There are many more featured in this book, however, not only from China, but also from Japan and other regions around the world.

Auspicious Animals showcases illustrated artworks, along with sculptures and applied arts, that represent good omens. The collection, totaling around 240 pieces, is accompanied by rich, enjoyable and approachable text. This gorgeous edition features metallic gold lamination on the cover and makes a great gift or reference for any art lover

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