Bacacay - Witold Gombrowicz

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Bacacay by Witold Gombrowicz / ISBN 9780976395072 / 275-page paperback with flaps from Archipelago Books


A balloonist finds himself set upon by erotic lepers...a passenger on a ship notices a human eye on the deck...a group of aristocrats enjoy a vegetarian dish made from human flesh...a virginal young girl gnaws raw meat from a bone...a notorious ruffian is terrorized by a rat. Welcome to the bizarre universe of Witold Gombrowicz, whose legendary short story collection is presented here for the first time in English. These tales, hilarious, disturbing, and brilliantly written, are utterly unique in world literature. After reading them, you’ll never be the same.

"These are weird and wonderful and erudite as anything by Borges and Joyce...It's safe to think of Bacacay as Gombrowicz's Dubliners: a collection of complex and sophisticated short stories that contain within them all the seeds of the author's later artistic blooming."--The Believer

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