Ballads of Oraed - Jean deMers



Ballads of Oræd by Jean deMers / 180-page paperback, 6.6 x 9.6 inches, collecting eleven zines / b/w art with color cover / Imported from this Toronto artist

"This book contains a collection of adventures, stories, and maps I created for a world based in Dungeons and Dragons from the beginning of 2022 to the beginning of 2023. Use the following pages to lead your players through quests across the land of Oræd"

Contents: Atlas; The Last Snake Elves; In the Cavemouth of Giant Oracle Olgatha; Wish Wyrm; Imps of Ailistorch; Silence in the Poison Lands; The Poison Chalice of Glaoreng; Far Below, the Sky Beneath My Taloned Feet; Stomping Grounds; True Name; and Bestiary.


About deMers: One-third of Wavering Line Collective, which puts out an award-nominated, bi-annual magazine of comics and illustration. Past exhibitions include Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Zine Dream, Comic Arts Brooklyn, VANCAF, CAKE, Expozine, and Canzine. Past work includes published book illustrations and covers; storyboards for film, web-series, and commercial promotions; commissioned comics; book layout; and editorial illustration.

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