Bandoola - The Great Elephant Rescue - William Grill

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Bandoola: The Great Elephant Rescue by William Grill / ISBN 9781838740238 / 88-page hardcover, 10 x 12.5 inches, from Flying Eye Books 


In this moving tale, join war veteran James Howard Williams as he encounters Bandoola, a working Asian elephant, and his keeper, Po Toke for the first time. Working together on a teak plantation, Williams and Bandoola develop a rare friendship, which even today set standards around elephant care and conservation.

"This remarkable book is a must-read."—Booklist STARRED REVIEW

But when another war forces them to leave their home in the Burmese jungle, the two undertake a journey that will test their friendship, taking trust, understanding and bravery to the very limit. Together, they lead a group of refugees and over 70 elephants to safety, scaling 5000 ft mountains as they cross the border from Burma into northern India.

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