Between Parentheses - Essays, Articles And Speeches - Roberto Bolano

New Directions


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Between Parentheses: Essays, Articles And Speeches, 1998-2003 by Roberto Bolano, translated by Natasha Wimmer / 390-page paperback from New Directions / ISBN 9780811222723.


Now in paperback ― the sole collection of the great Chilean writer’s essays

Between Parentheses collects Roberto Bolano’s nonfiction: fiercely opinionated articles, speeches, essays, and talks, as well as most of the newspaper columns he wrote during the last five years of his life, when fame had come to him at last. Here we have a tender account of his return to Chile, reflections on family life, impassioned takes on books by writers Bolano admired (or vehemently despised), and advice on how to write a short story. Between Parentheses fully lives up to Bolano’s own demands: “I ask for creativity from literary criticism, creativity on all levels.”

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