Black Box no. 1



Black Box 001 - The House, a spiral-bound risograph magazine from / incredible front & back cover artwork by Robert Beatty. / This company is now defunct, last copies



Aesthetics... Molly Lambert

The Domestic Front... Van Diamondfinger

Where the Heart Is... Harmony Ellington

Rubel Castle... Phil Warren and Scott Rubel

Witch Houses... Geoff Manaugh

On Termite Colonies... Brooke Macbeth

Lost Angeles: The Fiction and The Meta-Physifornication of Making A Home... David Busch-Lilly

Architecture and Utopiad... Daveed Kapoor

Digital Space: Ownership as Value... Sebastian Siverand

Ring: On the Eternal Magic of Smart Homes... Nadia Sadeghpour

Q & A... Kim Cooper of Esotouric

Artwork by: Lara Joy Evans, Jessica Dean Harrison, Benjamin Kellogg, Dara Morgenstern, Sula Bermudez-Silverman, Zeitweitz

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