Black Letters Unleashed: 300 years of enthused writing in German

Atlas Press


Black Letters Unleashed: 300 years of enthused writing in German (Atlas Anthology 6) / ISBN: 9780947757243 / 250-page paperback from Atlas Press (UK, 1994) / Out-of-print, used book in good condition (no marks inside, covers and page edges are smudgy with moderate shelfwear, overall tight and clean, no spine crack)


Translated and introduced by Malcolm Green.

This anthology contains an astounding selection of German weirdness, fanaticism and general literary extremism. The critical reaction to it was one of astonishment and incomprehension, in particular as regards its mix of world-famous names with figures of utter obscurity, even to specialists — something we still see as a great virtue!

Texts by Ilse Aichinger, H.C. Artmann, Wolfgang Bauer, Günter Brus, Gottfried Bürger, Paul Celan, Alfred Döblin, Albert Ehrenstein, Johannes Fischart, Franz Grillparzer, Ferdinand Hardekopf, Georg Heym, Franz Held, Wieland Herzefelde, Fritz von Hermanovsky-Orlando, Jacob van Hoddis, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Jean Paul Jacobs, Hans Henny Jahnn, Jean Paul, Franz Jung, Ingomar Kieseritsky, Erna Kröner, Quirinus Kuhlmann, Christoph Meckel, Imtraud Morgner, Heiner Müller, Oskar Pastior, Peter Pongratz, Elsa Lasker-Schuler, G.C. Lichtenberg, Karl Marx, Gustav Meyrink, Nestroy, Friedrich Nietzsche, Novalis, Oskar Panizza, Stanislaw Przybyszewski, Gerhard Roth, Gerhard Rühm, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Heinrich Schaefer, Paul Scheerbart, Arthur Schopenhauer, Kurt Schwitters, Max Stirner, Monica Tornow, Georg Trakl, Adolf Wöffli, Ror Wolf, Unica Zurn.

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