Black No More - George S. Schuyler

Penguin Science Fiction


Black No More by George S. Schuyler / ISBN 9780241505724 / 210-page paperback from Penguin Classics


'A liberating and lacerating critique of American racial madness, capitalism and white superiority ... Schuyler's wild, misanthropic, take-no-prisoners satire of American life seems more relevant than ever ... Afrofuturist before such a term existed' New York Review of Books

Telling the extraordinary story of a mysterious process that can turn black skin white in 1930s America, Black No More is a pioneering and caustic work of Black speculative fiction from one of the great Harlem Renaissance authors.

'A clever and biting satire' Isabel Wilkerson, The New York Times Book Review

'No one is safe from Schuyler's biting mockery' The New York Times

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