Bogeyman Comics Number 1 - Rory Hayes

Toy Box Coffin


Bogeyman Comics Number 1 by Rory Hayes / 24-page comic book, 8.5 x 11 inches, plus a replica flyer and a big 24 inch poster (folded in four) published by Toy Box Coffin 


Toybox says: "We are extremely pleased to offer this 55 year anniversary edition of the legendary comic BOGEYMAN #1 by RORY HAYES! The set includes: the magazine size COMIC. the 24" POSTER. and the replica FLYER.

"Lovingly remastered and enlarged. Even if you've read this underground grail before you are going to love seeing the art crisp and large AN ENTIRELY NEW READING EXPERIENCE! and that's not all, this 55 year anniversary edition comes with a massive 24" BOGEYMAN POSTER! and yet still! We have included a replica Xerox print of the flyer that littered the streets of San Francisco in late 1968 advertising this very comic!"

Rory Hayes (1949-1983) was active from the end of the Sixties until the beginning of the Seventies. His works were published in magazines such as Weirdo, Arcade, Snatch Comics, or in his own famous magazine Bogeyman.

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