C.F. - Mere (Picturebox)


$9.95 $19.95

C.F: Mere (Picturebox) / ISBN 9780982632741 / 184-page paperback, printed on different color stock 

(All the "discounted books" I'm selling are new/unread, but usually show some age and shelf wear. This one is basically new.)


In 2012, Providence-based artist and musician C.F. began to produce a series of more than a dozen zines, which he distributed via Twitter. Each zine offered a take on, and expansion upon, a classic comic strip genre-from crime and sci-fi to punk and sex-all of them infused throughout by C.F.'s absurdist humor and loose improvisatory drawing. Less than 50 copies of each zine were printed; needless to say, they sold out instantly. Collected here for the first time, they constitute a kind of bravura display of C.F.'s dexterity with pen and ink.

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