Catastrophe and Other Stories - Dino Buzzati

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Catastrophe and Other Stories by Dino Buzzati / ISBN 9781847497369 / 224-page paperback


“Each of these stories is steeped in terror. Buzzati is the gatekeeper to our collective nightmares, poised on the threshold between the drawing room and existential hell. Judith Landry’s vibrant translations render him at once witty and sinister.” -- Jhumpa Lahiri

“Out of a gothic tale...Frightening, lyrical, and provocative.” -- New York Times

This volume brings together twenty of the best stories written by Dino Buzzati -- author of the celebrated novel The Tartar Steppe and one of the most original voices in twentieth-century literature -- stories which show the Italian master's taste for the bizarre and the humorous, and for exploring the darker recesses of the human psyche. From 'The Collapse of the Baliverna', where a man is racked with guilt at the thought that he might have been responsible for the loss of many lives, to 'The Epidemic', which describes the spread of a 'state influenza' contracted only by people who don t step into line with the government, and 'Terror at the Scala', where the higher echelons of Milan society are gripped with the fear of an impending revolution - these stories show how strange and unexpected events can creep into everyday life and draw ordinary people towards mystery, disquiet and, ultimately, catastrophe.

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